I bought a couple of your products at apple day (hedgerow sauce and wild cherry blossom cordial) and I just wanted to email to say how utterly beautiful they both are. The flavours are so wonderful and I just wanted to email and say thank you. I make things like these and I hope to one day be able to make them as good as these!”


About Dried Wild Supergreens

“Our joints are less stiff and we have softer, shiner coats and Lucy our owner thinks our breath is sweeter” 

Ralf and Pearl, Older Sussex bull dogs.

“I love my garlicy sprinkles on my food, I eat it every day, so my coat is very shiny and I feel very happy and healthy.”
But, seriously, my testimonial is that I have personally been using and feeding my family this same Dried Wild Super Greens for years, yes it is available for us humans too, as it is food grade.
I know that it gives us more energy, less illnesses and a general feeling of wellbeing, so we are all brighter and bushy tailed.”

Maisie, our cat