From the hedgerows to your door..

Our produce is picked, preserved and posted from Lewes, East Sussex, England, to anywhere in the world.

So, when we decide to pick, say Elderberries, we take many factors into consideration.

Firstly, where the Elder tree is growing, we don’t want to pick the berries from a tree by a polluted busy road or in a dark dank place with rotting matter and rubbish all around. What we do look for is a warm sunny autumn day, the Elder tree is growing on the side of the chalky hill, known as the South Downs, and the hill gently slops towards the coast and the sea.

On an energetic and molecular level, the glistening elderberries will resonate with your taste buds, and your body will gain huge health giving benefits too.

All our wild fruits, berries and herbs have much, much more vitamins, minerals and Bio-Active compounds, compared to cultivated fruit and vegetables, and resonate so much more with us compared to fruit and vegetables’ grown in polytunnels  abroad for instance.

So, when you receive your package of loveliness, you will be reconnecting with nature, the way your hunter gathering ancestors once did.

P.S. We only pick around a third off the tree or plant, so leaving plenty for the local wildlife.