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A little bottle full to the brim with big flavours, a small dram goes a long way to warming your cockles and flooding your mouth with the taste of the wild berries of the English hedgerow.

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In the autumn, I go around forageing in the East Sussex countryside, with its hedgerows sometimes straining under the weight of their fruit or berries, and I intuitively mix up these different flavours, which is what hedgewitchery is all about, well these liqueurs are also medicinal.

I only gently cook the berries and fruit, adding just enough British sugar to taste delicious, and then add this to Russian Vodka for a warming, tasty and health giving tipple.

So here is the healthy stuff:

Sloes are blue black berries and are the wild cousins of all our cultivated plums, but they have many more healthful properties; Tannins, which are natural antioxidants, organic acids,

sugars and vitamin C. Sloe berries are an excellent astringent. It can be used in treatment of diarrhoea. Its pectin components have a soothing and relaxing effect on stomach inflammations.

Sloe berries can be used for stimulation of our metabolism, and can be of very good use in cases of eczema, herpes, allergies, colds, catarrh, the list goes on…

So you can have a delicious alcoholic drink in the knowledge that you are also giving your body some good stuff too, in moderation of course.

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