Wild Garlic Pesto


All the health giving properties of Wild Garlic, wild herbs, Olive Oil, Sun flower seeds, so its Vegan, Lemon juice and mineral rich sea salt, combined in a very tasty pesto for your pasta, salads or just a hunk a of bread  dipped in it for lunch. What is unique about this product is how the recipe changes by the seasons, same jar, but each batch has the wild herbs I have found at that time of year, always Nettles, but sometimes Cleavers, Sea Beet, Mallow, Plantain, even Wild Mint and Elderflowers…

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I should really call this product ‘wild at heart’ Pesto!

Wild Garlic when eaten regularly, promotes the general health of our bodies.

It lowers the cholesterol levels in the blood, cleanses the blood, helps with high blood pressure and reduces the risk of the artery wall thickening, usually caused by cholesterol and tones the heart and circulatory system too!  So reducing the risk of stroke and heart disease.

Lots of vitamins and minerals, vitamin A,  C and its partner iron, Phosphorus, sodium and copper.

Now for the best bit!!

Wild Garlic is anti-fungal, astringent, diuretic, antispasmodic ,anti-bacterial, antiseptic and antispasmodic……to add to this, we have Nettles, these promote milk flow, when you are breast feeding, they lower blood sugar levels, high in Iron and its partner Vitamin C, so its really helpful for anaemia and diabetes.

Used for arthritis and rheumatism, as it clears the uric acid, so good for detoxing. With astringent, diuretic and expectorant qualities and magnesium and many minerals and vitamins, nettles are a great addition to our diets.

Plantains bring astringent, anti-bacterial and anti- inflammatory qualities to the mix.

Sea Beet is full of Iodine, as it grows by the sea, which is needed for a normal active thyroid, more importantly, it helps to normalise the hormone levels which can be a contributing factor to certain cancers.

Common Mallow brings more antibacterial, anti-flammatory and active properties to hold up the signs of ageing, plus rich in vitamins and minerals, of course.

All of this in a jar of deliciousness, garlicy, tasty and raw pesto, what more do we want…

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