Lewes Bonfire Sauce



Lewes Bonfire in a bottle, a flavour firework, a savoury sauce for your bangers and mash!

It’s a fruit based sauce, as there is always a glut in autumn, so its smoky, umami, fruity, chilly and sweet, salty and savoury, with a lots of wild things added to make it taste unique.

I live and march in Lewes, so this is my attempt to put it in a bottle for everyone to experience Lewes Bonfire.

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So, where to begin!

This lovely sauce started out as an accident, I was cooking a big pan of plums and I burnt the bottom, as I am a person who does not like to through anything away, and as I had spent a lot of time destoning the plums etc, I began to add other ingredients to turn it into a smoky savoury Sause, so I added:

Apples, lots of Nettles, my dried wild super greens, which are wild garlic predominately and my Dried Seaweed for an umami edge.

Then I added sugar, salt, black pepper and vinegar to turn it into a savoury sauce.

Finally I mixed in smoked Paprika, Chillies and dried wild seeds for the fiery, wildness.

So, this product is packed with flavour as well as healthy goodness.

Here is just a short list of the main benefits you can enjoy with your breakfast or however you decide eat the sauce too:

All the Vitamins and minerals you need for a healthy happy body, plus Bio active compounds which  lower the cholesterol, tone the heart muscle, reduce the risk of thickening arteries, so preventing heart disease.

High in Vitamin C and Iron so a good tonic for anaemia, diuretic, expectorant,  anti-fungal, antiviral, astringent, anti-bacterial, antiseptic and antispasmodic….

Lots of antioxidants, from the Seaweeds and the Tannins, which are the pigments from the skin colouring of the fruit, so everything that is in this sauce has benefits on many levels, so you can enjoy it on many levels too.

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