Nature’s bounty captured in a jar

Here at Hedgewitch HQ, we aim to gather, at just the right time, not just when the blossoms are out, but when they have been bathed in our Sussex sunshine for most of the day! So the fragrance is at its strongest.

As soon as we come back from forageing the hedgerows, or country lanes, or local parks, even friends gardens, we add the blossoms to our hot syrups and steep them until their perfume has been transferred into the syrup. With added Citric Acid, a preservative, we bottle and label these unique cordials.

What makes them special is the complexity of their flavours – just as perfumes have a base, middle and top notes, so do our cordials, for instance, the wild Cherry Blossom cordial has – Blossom, Cherry and Almond flavours/ notes, added to fizzy water, it makes them ideal for a non-alcoholic drink – as they not only taste delicious, but are complex and more interesting than a J20 or a Coke.