Locally Foraged Fine foods

Rosehips, Wild Cherry Blossom, Seaweeds, Alexanders, Sea beet, Hawthorn……All of nature’s bounty brought to you in our jars and bottles.

We put our labels on mostly hand written, as we make many small batches, because we never know exactly what nature will create for us. Sometimes autumn comes early and we miss the wild plums, or it’s a very rainy spring and the Cherry Blossoms are ruined! But it works the other way round too- as I write this, I’ve just got a text from a friend, telling me they saw some Sea Buckthorn growing down the back roads at Pevensey Bay.

So, no batch is the same, how boring it would be to just make the same recipe week in, week out.

As a Hedgewitch ( Hedgewitchery is a discipline of using the edible wild plants in an intuitive way, like a Medicine Woman ), my aim is to create health giving, but tasty products to inspire people to make their own healthy, tasty Elderflower Cordials or Wild Garlic Pesto etc.

(pic of vouchers) If all of this really resonates with you or you know someone who would love to reconnect with this knowledge, I run Forageing Workshops too, I can come and show you what is growing in your back garden or local park or woods. I will bring extra plants, berries or seaweeds , depending on the season, for you to taste too.

Or I can take you to the places I forage, including wild garlic woods or the banks of my local tidal river and, of course the sea shore for fresh seaweeds etc. See the workshops section for more details.