Gathering all year round

Nature does not stop growing, so our Pesto and Tapenades are made in small health giving batches, all year round.

What she does is she just slows down, so many plants, on the surface seemingly dead, when in actual fact, they are working underground to collect nutrients and minerals ready for their next growing season, but many other plants carry on producing leaves, so we can still pick See Beet, Alexanders and even Nettles growing in a sheltered spot, so we can still forage anytime of year.

We forage seasonally for everything, with nature’s rhythms, because she always produces what is healthful to us at the time we need it. From autumn berries and fruit packed with lots of vitamins, especially vitamin C and immune supporting Bio-Active Compounds and anti-oxidants, to help us with coughs and colds through the winter until spring springs, then nettles, cleavers and dandelions help cleanse our systems after a winter of stodge and carbohydrates etc.

So our products are always freshly made and we have a ‘made on’ date and a ‘best before’ date, so you know they have not been left on the shelf for months or years.

We make small batches and when they have gone, that’s it until next year! With the exception of our Pesto, Tapenade and Wild-Kraut, these are made all year round, the same jar but different wild herbs- depending on the time of year, even seaweeds have a growing season too. So whenever you order from us, you will be guaranteed the freshest and most unique products available on line, we think!