All my products are foraged based, whether they come from the sea, the woods, the countryside, but also if they are urban foraged from neighbours gardens parks or open land.

“I bought a couple of your products and I just wanted to email to say how utterly beautiful they both are. The flavours are so wonderful.
I make things like these and I hope to one day be able to make them as good as these!” Nikki

I pick what’s in season, then workout what they can best be used for, as fresh wild salad bags, fresh mixed seaweed bags, fresh wild garlic pesto,hedgerow sauce etc. I also preserve what I find, as wild garlic oil, dried wild super greens with dried wild garlic, nettles and seaweed, also,wild herb salts, Burling Gap wild thyme. Cordials of cherry blossom,nettle and lemon balm,elderflower. I also make an immune syrup from autumn berries etc.

90% of my packaging is recyclable, and I mostly use organic/fairtrade sugar.

I supply Infinity Food with my wild garlic and nettle pesto, also I supply a foraged based stall at Borough Market, and collect samphire and sea purslane for a Fish Box scheme in London, I also run foraging workshops and do a pop up 5 course foraged based supper with a wonderful cook friend of mine at her farm in Arlington.